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Field Service Research Briefs

Managing Talent Acquisition in the Face of Technician Retirements and the Ascendency of Millennials in the Workforce

As the Millennial generation, with their cultural ideas of what a positive workplace looks like, desire for a strong work-life balance, and hunger to experience the cutting-edge becomes the largest generation within the workforce, changes in strategy to retain these workers should be expected.

Field Service Blog Posts

How Schneider Electric Is Escaping from Predictive Analytic Pilot Purgatory

In today's global marketplace, brands are under more pressure than ever to find ways to give themselves a competitive advantage in their industry, and cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI, virtual and augmented reality, and big data analytics are all helping them realize those advantages.

Siemens Gamesa's Offshore Service Strategy Uses Remote Diagnostics

Digital technology is helping the field service industry carry out its work in more efficient, streamlined, and safer ways than would have ever been possible before. AI, drone technology, the Internet of Things, and more are changing the way service and maintenance contracts are fulfilled.

How BT and ADVA Are Working Towards a More Sustainable Field Service Future

BT is not just looking to make its own operations more sustainable either. Through its Sustainability Innovation Award, BT incentivizes its clients and partners to change their environmental outlook as well.

7 Field Service Trends to Watch

Field service is constantly-evolving and forward-thinking providers are continuously innovating to better serve their clients. From new ways of training the next generation of field service engineers to the incorporation of Industry 4.0 technology and more

How Philips Is Aiming for Zero Unplanned Downtime

Philips takes a holistic approach to the service and maintenance of its healthcare products.It all begins with the Philips field service online portal. The portal allows Philips' clients to manage the performance and maintenance of their equipment from any device and from any connected location.

The Workforce of the Future: Filling the Field Service Talent Gap

While the field service industry has seen significant growth over the last several years, it hasn't come without its challenges, and one of the biggest questions field service leaders now face is how they are to drive the same levels of growth from a shrinking pool of workers.

Establishing the Best Methods to Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important KPIs to track in order to achieve field service business success. Ensuring the customer is happy is a priority business goal, and best-in-class service companies are almost invariably those with a keen focus on optimising the customer experience.

Increase Field Service Revenues with Improved Marketing and Sales Alignment

The time has come to bring marketing and sales departments into alignment, optimise and streamline their strategies, and turn them into a single cohesive team for the betterment of the entire organisation.

Here are the Technologies You Need to Turn Big Data into Useful Information

Today, most field service organisations are able to generate and access vast troves of data. However, data is not the same thing as knowledge. A number of technologies are required for organisations to begin their big data journey towards predictive field service. Let's consider what they are.

Shifting Field Service from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

Turning your field service operations into meaningful revenue generators is a hot topic for many companies right now

5 Outstanding Benefits of Supply Chain Business Process Management

BPM aims to turn the traditional hierarchical structure of management on its head by adopting a more holistic attitude which puts the wants and needs of the customer at the forefront of everything it does

The Top 5 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing Field Service

IoT devices have massively disrupted the way business has been done – for the better

How the Internet of Things Is Driving Change in the New Service Era

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and it is opening up a new world of possibilities for improving field service